Types of Transport & Logistics jobs we fill

  • Entry: Driver’s mates
  • Senior: Transport logistics manager
  • Popular: HGV class II driver
  • Specialist: Telematics installer

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“I posted an ad on behalf of Suma Wholefoods for LGV drivers for our Greenford depot. We had lots of very good quality applicants, and were quickly able to take on 2 new drivers, with the skills we required… It proved to be a very quick and cost-effective way to advertise, and I was really happy with the service.”

Suma Wholefoods

Industry spotlight


In this sector, we mostly help recruit bus and coach drivers, private hire drivers, and freight transportation and distribution managers.

Despite the lingering perception that it’s tough to find good quality candidates, many employers we work with are often overwhelmed by the excellent response (and with Recruitment Genius they can employ as many as they like for no extra cost). We also work with several well-known logistics companies (including one with an ambitious strategy to deliver anything in an hour!) and food delivery businesses.

Helpfully, demand is high enough to meet this ready supply where it seems anyone with their own vehicle can join the logistics revolution. The only warning point here is with self-employed contracts being tested in courts.

The keen public interest in electric and self-driving cars is an interesting distraction at the moment. But that’s really all it is from a logistics and transport point of view. The real shift we’ve recently seen is companies swapping large for smaller delivery vehicles as their focus moves from price to efficiency.

The entire transport and logistics sector is enjoying huge growth. This is down to a variety of reasons, from the sheer number of journeys people make nowadays to the ‘just in time’ methodology behind transferring stock and goods, and of course the massive growth in online retail. In fact, the only concern we see on the horizon is with the ageing truck driver workforce, because we have no clear sight of where their replacements will come from.

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