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  • Entry: Marketing administrator
  • Senior: Marketing director
  • Popular: Marketing manager, SEO/PPC
  • Specialist: Head of ecommerce

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Old media establishments are being continuously eroded as we become ever more beholden to global online media empires. With this change the marketing industry is fragmenting constantly, breaking with conventional wisdom to adopt new practices and methodologies. The result? No one knows what will change or when, which makes candidates who can quickly embrace and adopt change incredibly valuable to employers.

For many businesses, marketing is now considered a lead discipline with employers recruiting less on the strength of a candidate’s qualifications but rather their accumulated experience and skills. At the moment we’re seeing a particular demand for candidates with B2B experience.

Equally, the PR sector is becoming less defined as it gets harder to tell the difference between genuine PR and content marketing. Roles are becoming far more analytical in their approach, which often creates a digital skills shortfall despite the growing choice of marketing courses available.

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