Types of Financial Services & Insurance jobs we fill

  • Entry: Finance assistant, claims advisors
  • Popular: Mortgage advisor, insurance sales
  • Specialist: Quant analysis trader

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Industry spotlight


The continuing emergence and growth of FinTech is fueling recruitment in this sector, with enough new startups appearing weekly to propel London to world leader status. That’s not to say that City recruitment is suffering – it’s currently at record levels despite the ongoing tug-of-war with the EU.

The banking sector is under regulatory change as anti-money laundering legislation adds greater due diligence to processes, and with it more jobs. At the same time, branch closures are forcing staff to transition from customer facing roles to satellite offices and dealing with more written and phone enquiries.

The insurance sector is stable as businesses becomes ever more sophisticated at underwriting risk, and is ticking along nicely.

It’s important to remember that although London is at the forefront for recruitment in this sector, two-thirds of jobs are based elsewhere – like Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bournemouth. And while there may be skills shortages in these regions, good pay rates keep the candidates coming.

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