Types of Education & Training jobs we fill

  • Entry: Learning support assistant
  • Senior: Head teacher (secondary school)
  • Popular: Teachers (key stage 1), NVQ assessors
  • Specialist: Head of expressive arts

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Academy of Music

Industry spotlight


Education recruitment is going through radical change.

At primary and secondary school level we’re seeing fewer and fewer publicly funded schools able to compete against private schools, mostly due to lower salaries. This means they’re relying more on support and supply teachers. Aligning with this, many teachers are moving toward contract and part time work as it involves less planning and more teaching.

In the training sector specifically, lots of organisations are now outsourcing their training, particularly for apprenticeships. As the same time, universities are focusing more on vocational qualifications as employers demand not only good qualifications, but also specific skills. Most of the training roles we help fill are for qualified and capable self-employed candidates looking for a secure income.

Most schools and universities are pleasantly surprised to discover we cover this sector, as many didn’t realise education and training recruitment had modernised. One way we can help is to promote better, more appealing job advertisements. With little change since the 1990s and pay grades not much of a differentiator, we recommend employers now take time to promote their OFSTED ratings, history, ethos and culture, and get more creative in their adverts to attract the right candidates.

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