Types of Media, Arts & Creative jobs we fill

  • Entry: Social media assistant, junior graphic designer
  • Senior: Head of content & editorial, creative director
  • Popular: Media sales executive, sales support
  • Specialist: Brand journalist

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Industry spotlight


Although still relatively small in comparison to some others, the creative sector is growing faster than most. As organisations are improving their digital presence and experiences, UX developers are in particularly high demand.

One of the big challenges to employers in this sector is that job insecurity is widespread and many copywriters, journalists and designers have turned freelance and prefer piecework (using sites like UpWork) to full time employment. On the plus side, it means permanent roles don’t have to offer very high salaries.

Equally, skills once considered specialist like Photoshop and Illustrator for designers are now being taught in schools, so they command less value than before. Despite this, demand still exceeds supply.

There’s also something of a skills mismatch for some graduates coming into entry-level roles. For example, traditionally popular courses like Film and Media Studies aren’t thought of as vocational and don’t appear to teach many skills relevant to today’s employment market.

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