Types of Temporary & Contract jobs we fill

  • Entry: Retail Christmas cover
  • Senior: HR director
  • Popular: Warehouse/production operators, maternity cover administrator
  • Specialist: GIB electrician

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There’s always going to be a huge demand for a flexible workforce wherever you look, and Britain is no different. From staff and skill shortages to seasonal demands, maternity cover and unique one-off roles, we work with many employers recruiting every level of contractor from factory workers to interim CEOs.

If you’re advertising temporary-to-permanent roles you need to work hard to attract the right candidates, as competition is high thanks to the low unemployment figures Britain is currently enjoying.

For contractor roles, adverts need to be concise and very clear about how long the role is for, what the payment terms are (what the rate is and when you’ll pay them), and any other factors, like whether it’s remote or office based. Adverts that don’t lay this out clearly see far fewer suitable candidates applying.

There’s a lot of bad press and ill regard towards zero-hour contracts at the moment, but if they’re well balanced and not too onerous, plenty of candidates will still consider them.

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