Types of Leisure & Tourism jobs we fill

  • Entry: Life guards
  • Senior: Gym manager, duty managers
  • Popular: Travel consultants, membership sales advisor
  • Specialist: Duty manager in bowling

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Industry spotlight


A huge, wide-ranging sector, the leisure and tourism industry supports more than 3.7million jobs in the UK alone. And with the rise in ‘staycations’ thanks to an increase in affordable accommodation, ever-popular B&Bs, glamping and cheaper Britain-based family holidays, it continues to thrive.

It can be subject to unpredictability though, in particular with the good old British weather! Many employers then are looking for seasonal and flexible staff who can meet their needs, which means we see lots of zero-hour contracts advertised where employees supplement their income with several jobs.

We’re pleased to say the mindset of the leisure and tourism industry as a whole is improving and becoming more professional. And with more training on offer, we’re catching up with our European and global counterparts – a sure sign employers are looking for candidates who can deliver a high standard of service.

The big challenges recruiting for this sector are the typically average-to-not-so-good salaries, job insecurity, and long and unsociable hours, all of which put many candidates off.

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