Types of Energy & Utilities jobs we fill

  • Entry: Meter readers, energy advisors
  • Senior: Financial analyst
  • Popular: Solar power sales door-to-door canvassers
  • Specialist: Wind farm technician

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Industry spotlight


Perhaps unsurprisingly the entire energy and utilities sector is in a state of flux as priorities change and new environmentally friendly businesses gain traction.

We’re seeing real growth in renewable energy start-up roles as these companies move more into the mainstream. With them are coming new ‘clean energy’ job opportunities, but we’ll sound a note of caution as many of these roles are still unstable thanks to cuts in central funding, less private investment on offer and the inherent fear companies have of being leapfrogged by new technologies.

Another related area growing fast is solar energy, with lots of roles that need filling to meet the huge consumer demand despite the government dropping its subsidy schemes.

Away from the renewable sector, two areas that we are seeing particular interest in are lithium production, particularly in Cornwall for batteries, and fracking. But despite these continuing changes, the majority of the work is still with the big utility companies, mostly around the construction and managing of their infrastructures.

As we write this, the cyclical oil industry is in a downward spiral, but when it’s buoyant we advertise lots of roles within it – particularly in Aberdeen.

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