Types of Retail jobs we fill

  • Entry: Retail assistant, stock room control
  • Senior: Area manager
  • Popular: Team leaders
  • Specialist: Cosmetic area manager

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Industry spotlight


Even today most sales assistant roles are easily filled with a simple advert in a shop window. Which is why we mostly recruit for senior roles or around peak seasonal times like Christmas when shops are overflowing and there’s a surge in demand.

Most employers we help recruit for are from pop-up shops and specialist boutiques, we think this is because the high street is having to adapt to meet changing customer demands and trends. Of these, our most common niche areas are fashion, furnishing and opticians although we’re seeing serious growth in vaping shops.

It’s not all pop-ups and vaping though! We’re still working with many big brands, mostly in ‘dark stores’ – retail outlets that cater exclusively for online shopping. This means we help recruit for as many logistics and supply chain management roles as we do visual merchandising.

The retail sector as a whole is facing a lot of negative criticism at the moment, mostly around zero-hour contracts and the need for staff to work anti-social hours. The challenge for employers is that these short-term contracts and variable shifts are inevitable if they want to keep up with ever shifting customer demands.

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