Types of Accountancy jobs we fill

  • Entry: Accounts assistant
  • Senior: Finance director for FTSE 100
  • Popular: Book keeper, accounts semi-senior
  • Specialist: Cost accountant

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“The hardest bit of using Recruitment Genius was letting two excellent applicants know I had already offered the job to someone else.”

Maria Coulson
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Industry spotlight

Our accountancy recruitment campaigns are booming thanks in part to the accountants themselves, who check job boards almost monthly to make sure their pay is in line with the wider market. This has opened up a rich vein for employers offering higher salaries to attract the best accountants, even if they’re already employed.

We’re noticing some interesting current trends too.

There’s been a growing demand for part-qualified and qualified accountants in industry and commerce, and within these areas a shift in demand from ledge entry to management accounting roles.

Public practice employers are shifting ever more online in their search for candidates, but many are still relying too much on their own websites to get the best response. They’re also starting to struggle recruiting trainee and graduate accountants as industry and commerce becomes more attractive. In fact, thanks to apprenticeships we’re seeing fewer trainee and graduate roles overall.

Technology is also making its mark. As more organisations prepare their accounts online and as software is getting easier to use, accountants are honing their tech skills to offer their clients more value. This means demand for traditional bookkeepers has dropped while virtual bookkeepers are thriving. A note of caution though, data handling restrictions under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may soon threaten this boom area.

Lastly, the sector continues to feel the impact of increased regulation, in particular tax and forensic accountants.

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