Types of Health & Medicine jobs we fill

  • Entry: Healthcare assistants
  • Senior: General practitioner
  • Popular: Registered general nurse
  • Specialist: Fertility nurse, sperm donor recruitment officer

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Industry spotlight


The health and medicine sector employs more than 1.5 million people in the UK across more than 350 career types. There are always going to be recruitment issues with something on this scale.

Nurses in particular are in high demand but with low salaries and bursaries being cut, there’s a real candidate shortfall. Doctors too are thin on the ground with seven to ten per cent of roles remaining unfilled.

Compounding this of course is the fear of an overseas and EU staff exodus post Brexit referendum – particularly worrying as they make up nearly a quarter of all healthcare providers in the UK. This all leaves us with an overall skills shortage across the sector that will continue until there’s the political will and budget in place to change it.

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