Types of Security & Uniformed Services jobs we fill

  • Entry: Door staff
  • Senior: Cyber security officer
  • Popular: Security officer
  • Specialist: Armoured truck drivers

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Nowadays security roles fall into two main categories – the traditional ‘real world’ boots-on-the-ground security guards and increasingly, cyber security.

With the former, we’re often tasked with helping to recruit security guard roles, particularly in warehouses where the logistics sector has grown to meet increased online retail. Staff turnover remains high though primarily because of the insecurity of zero-hour contracts and long, anti-social hours. The same can be said for the prison service, where we attribute the large staff turnover to low wages and a struggling public image.

We’re also seeing more demand for niche roles driving armoured trucks and as bodyguards for high net worth individual employers.

Cyber security skillsets are particularly strong in Britain, which is why we’re advertising a lot of roles for penetration testers. And the recent highly-publicised security problems around ransomware have only increased demand.

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