Types of Legal jobs we fill

  • Entry: Paralegal
  • Senior: Senior corporate lawyer, chartered secretary
  • Popular: Legal secretary, conveyancers
  • Specialist: Mental health lawyer

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“We have recruited 2 solicitors from the last ads. I’m really pleased with your service and you are now our provider of choice. I will come back to you in a few months when we hope to recruit again. Many thanks.”

Barings Law Solicitors

Industry spotlight


This has always been a successful sector for Recruitment Genius, particularly with legal firms looking to employ legal executives, paralegals and solicitors.

Interestingly, most lawyers are what we call passive job seekers who check job boards regularly to make sure their pay is in line with the wider market. This creates good opportunities to attract great candidates by offering appealing remuneration packages.

Law is a diverse industry, and each specialist area has unique recruitment characteristics that require specific skills and circumstances. For example, it’s seldom possible to employ a senior partner with an established “following” and there’s also a lack of suitable candidates for licensed conveyancing roles. On the other hand, employment, family, general litigation, criminal and tax lawyers are easier to recruit.

Helpfully, lawyers are typically very flexible professionals often happy to retrain for niche roles, especially if they offer high salaries.

While the law itself is always evolving, the UK’s departure from the EU has acted like a natural catalyst and we’ve seen an increase in demand for lawyers.

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