Types of Part Time jobs we fill

  • Entry: Admin assistant, customer service assistant, retail assistant
  • Senior: Non-executive director
  • Popular: HR job share, retail assistant, hospitality
  • Specialist: Dental hygienist

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Industry spotlight


Demand for part-time work is typically higher during periods of recession as employers often don’t want to commit to full time roles. The sectors currently seeing the biggest demand for part-time candidates are social care, manufacturing, warehousing, administration and accounts.

Employers are also engaging more with the gig economy as it gains momentum and offers access to the world economy. Because of this, the supply of part-time work has never been greater. Some people on zero-hour contracts need part-time work to supplement their income, some choose part-time work to fit around their lifestyles.

The one challenge we regularly see with recruiting for part-time roles is making sure job share applicants don’t have personality clashes so they can work together harmoniously!

Experience tells us that perhaps the most important aspect of any part-time job advert is to clearly state the hours and days the role requires. Leave out this information and employers see far fewer applications, many of which are irrelevant.

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