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A sector with so much scope we could write a book about it! But instead we’ll keep it current.

First of all, it is important for employers to know that there are more graduates now than ever before. The proliferation of degree courses means adverts asking for a degree qualification can be swamped with suitable candidates, making it hard to shortlist the best. Conversely, the percentage of graduates on a formal trainee scheme is actually very small (which even universities admit), so more and more graduates are starting jobs that don’t demand a degree from candidates.

Things have changed though, and graduates are entering a new world where they don’t need one specific skillset for the rest of their lives, as they’re more and more likely to have many careers. This makes them less loyal to companies and more dedicated to their own career development.

The mistake we see most often is employers posting jobs on specialist graduate sites, which millennials hardly use as they’re typically not wide-ranging enough and so limit choice. Within the adverts themselves, we often see employers contradict themselves by asking for two or three years’ experience for a graduate role!

For candidates looking to dive straight into work and bypass higher education, we see plenty of apprenticeship options.

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