Types of IT & Telecoms jobs we fill

  • Entry: Junior developer / IT assistant
  • Senior: Head of IT, chief technology officer
  • Popular: IT support roles, IT developer (PHP)
  • Specialist: Senior VM Ware automation analyst, vRealize Developer

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“We have appointed several Recruitment Genius candidates, and are very happy with them. Recruitment Genius is a great way to get visibility for our positions and a good volume of applicants.”

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Industry spotlight


While there are plenty of very capable candidates applying for graduate and trainee roles in the IT and telecoms sector, we’re seeing many employers struggling to recruit for mid to senior level roles.

They’re remedying this with a range of tactics, from significantly increasing salary ranges and being more flexible on their requirements, to accepting applications from remote workers in places like Aberdeen where there are more available candidates. Outsourcing has also become more popular, whether it’s hiring expensive contractors or looking to places like Ukraine and Belarus (India has fallen out of favour).

The roles we see getting the best response are often based around new technology and languages, as IT professionals like to keep their skills up to date.

When creating adverts for new roles, we use lots of subtle techniques to get the best possible response. For example, adding the programming language after a job title and removing characters like #hashtags and full stops from a job title, as search engines don’t like them.

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