Types of Social Work & Social Care jobs we fill

  • Entry: Volunteer care assistant
  • Senior: Care home manager, registered care manager with nursing qualification
  • Popular: Residential support workers
  • Specialist: Motor neuron disease home carer

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Blind Veterans UK

Industry spotlight


We work a lot with care homes and social care agencies where there’s always a high demand for capable candidates.

This is a growing sector. Somewhat paradoxically, the success of helping people live longer is only increasing demand, which in turn is causing its own problems as mental health and awareness becomes more important. But a lack of suitable candidates is forcing employers to compromise their role requirements and recruit people without the relevant qualifications who can be supervised by those who are qualified. This compromise in legitimate care is a real concern.

Being undermined by certain aspects of the media hasn’t helped matters. With its respectability at an all-time low it’s increasingly tough to recruit professionals, despite social care being valuable and emotionally rewarding work. And with many current roles filled by European workers, the looming Brexit date will likely only see demand increase as they return home or relocate away from Britain.

If you’re advertising in this sector it’s particularly important to explain what makes your role it better than others, so it’s not just the location that’s different.

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