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“Recruitment Genius come highly recommended. The customer service is top-notch and they've always gone above and beyond for me. Their advertising dashboard is very well thought through and intuitive. I'm a pleased customer!”

Emeka Okoye
Wren Laboratories

Types of Customer Service jobs we fill

  • Entry: Customer service advisor
  • Senior: Head of customer engagement
  • Popular: Client service coordinators, contact centre staff, complaint handler, customer liaison officers
  • Specialist: Client relationship manager
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Industry spotlight

Always a popular sector, we generate a huge number of applications for customer service roles on Recruitment Genius. Which is why employers love to make good use of our clever Shortlist+ telephone screening tech that helps them quickly check a candidate’s communication skills and whether they’re suitable for the job.

It’s not just the number of available roles that’s increasing, but also the standards expected of candidates as employers recognise the enormous value of really great customer service.

What’s particularly interesting is the rise in automation and outsourcing, with things like live chatbots becoming customer service agents offering new skillsets. We’ve also noticed that the outbound customer service sector is struggling while the inbound sector is growing, as people buy more online. A knock-on effect of people’s dislike of overseas call centres has also seen a spike in UK roles.

An ongoing problem with customer service roles is the lack of training on offer, which creates a discouraged workforce and in turn a high job turnover. At the same time the British public is becoming more demanding of better customer service, causing management to pay greater attention to customer satisfaction and their staff’s ability to deliver it.

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