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“As a recruiter of sales apprentices, I was recommended to Recruitment Genius and have found it the most effective way to reach large volumes of candidates. It has helped me to fill dozens of apprenticeship roles across the country in a short space of time”

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We’ve seen massive growth in the number of apprenticeships employers are recruiting for, not just in the traditional construction and engineering sectors but also in IT, accountancy and social media. And with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy meaning it doesn’t cost employers anything to take on apprentices, so this growth should only continue.

But this abundance of roles makes it harder to make each one stand out. So it’s particularly important for employers to clearly differentiate and promote their roles to attract the right candidates – something our editorial team can take care of for you. Experience tells us most apprentices are focused on structured learning and career prospects and the best time to advertise roles is between June and October.

Most apprenticeships inevitably and logically target school leavers. But we’re also seeing more and more apprenticeship applications from graduates with a vocational degree, as it can be a legitimate step into their industry of choice.

The biggest challenge for employers is that most apprentices are unskilled and so often need tutoring and guidance to understand important cultural skills, not to mention a lot of hands-on help if they’re going to develop into a really useful pair of hands.

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