Types of Scientific jobs we fill

  • Entry: Laboratory technician
  • Senior: Chemical physicist for molecular detection
  • Popular: Analytical chemists
  • Specialist: Section manager for organic chemistry, molecular biology specialist

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“I have been using RG for over 6 months. Very easy to use with instant access to loads of job boards at low cost. Even provides our own website portal at no extra cost saving £000’s on recruitment software & candidate handling. Very helpful staff who are genuinely concerned about the success of our campaigns – even gets discounts for us on specialist job boards.”

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Industry spotlight


We help lots of private, public and charitable bodies recruit in the scientific and pharmaceutical sector but see greater demand from the private sector where there aren’t so many funding and investment issues. Much of the work is in life sciences, biotech and healthcare.

The challenges for employers are much the same as in the engineering sector – continued growth but not enough candidates coming out of education in the short term to fill available roles. Despite this the UK is still undoubtedly one of the better countries to educate scientists.

The UK is still a global hotbed of talent. Despite the potential drop in grand funding due to Brexit, we expect science in the UK to continue thriving.

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