Benefit from the most appealing job adverts

Your advert is your shop window, your first impression. And a good one will attract the best candidates – especially if it’s expertly written and appears on every relevant job sites for 28 days at a time, as yours will.


A free career site just for you

But you want to give candidates more than an advert. How about a free career site? Complete with your own branding and information, it’s simple to set up and brings your business to life to inspire the best candidates.


Find the best candidates first

So the applications are pouring in. It’s easy to prioritise which candidates you progress with our ranking algorithm that shows you the best first. Make your selections and save time with automated email responses to keep them engaged.


Bring CVs to life with Shortlist+

Now it’s time to separate the best from the rest. Set your questions and candidates record their answers using our unique Shortlist+ service. Now you can listen to their answers and screen who you want to take forward in your own time, at your own convenience. Screening, simplified.


Recruiting made easy from search to success

There’s a lot going on, but don’t stress out. Your intuitive online dashboard makes it easy to manage every candidate every step of the way, from CVs to emails and automated reference checks – all in one place.


“It is really easy to sift through CVs and review everybody because you can put filters on ads making everything quick.”

Mylo Kane, Dreamr – Read more

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“Fast, easy-to-use, effective recruitment method“

Andrew S

“9 placements within weeks, the service is more effective than the paper“

Iain T

“Recruitment Genius is a very innovative and cost effective resourcing model“

Harry P
HR Dept, Playstation UK

“Fantastic calibre of candidates, generally an all round effective service“

Michelle G
HR Dept, Nestle UK

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