About Dreamr

Dreamr is a two-year-old Manchester based company that develops mobile apps. It has doubled the number of staff it has to 65 this year, working at the very heart of a digital hub.

“They just seem to be able to find the right people and I think the right people use the service too”


The challenge

“Being at the cutting edge of the mobile revolution, technology is constantly being updated and although people may have technical knowledge, it sometimes feels like they are starting from scratch again.

Finding the right people, especially with a skills shortage in particular, caused a problem.

Dreamr hires people from all over the UK and different parts of Europe on the basis of their attitude (as well as “fantastic” written and spoken English). The company also invests heavily in training and development; skills are improved from within.”

The approach

Recruitment Genius provides the reach that Dreamr are looking for. The company typically gets between 300 and 400 applicants each time it places an ad.

“Everything is laid out for you, in a clear format when it comes through and it is really easy to sift through CVs and review everybody because you can put filters on ads making everything quick.”


The unique Recruitment Genius CV scoring system saves time for Dreamr, and for the people applying, so they can receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ quickly and secure interviews with only the best applicants.

The outcome

As well as for two senior team members, Dreamr has used Recruitment Genius for its general roles, such as Project Manager and Business Development Manager. It now plans to try the service for some of the more technical roles that it would normally use an agency for, starting with an ad for an RS developer.

“When we’re advertising for a really skilled position, the recruitment fees can go astronomical. With Recruitment Genius I actually thought there was a mistake, or that something was wrong with the price because it was so reasonable compared to competitors.” Makinson-Walsh says “You are paying between 15%-20% of someone’s annual salary to recruit them through an agency. Bear in mind that agencies will just look for the same sorts of details as Recruitment Genius.”

“Purely on value for money, it’s a no brainer for me”