About Secura Hosting

Secura Hosting provides managed cloud hosting services within the IT sector. It prides itself on an entrepreneurial culture in which employees are given freedom to do things their own way.

“I was really blown away by the applicants coming through to us”


The challenge

In a market dominated by the likes of Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft, getting great employees had been a huge challenge for Secura Hosting. The company recognised that as a smaller business, they needed to engage with as many job seekers as possible.

The approach

Neil Wilkinson, Marketing Director of Secura Hosting, told his Chief Executive about the reach of Recruitment Genius. Because so many people search in different places for jobs, being able to advertise on over 2,000 job sites with one job advert was extremely appealing. For the low cost £199, being able to get in front of so many relevant people was exceptional.

The Secura Hosting team find the Recruitment Genius portal easy to understand and use without any excessive training. They found it straight forward with guidance throughout the process, as they simply copied and pasted their advert into the system.

It also helps both the employer and applicant, since the ads remain online for a month and the process is automated.

“The longer the hook is in the water, the bigger chance you have of catching a fish”


The outcome

“I think we’ve all had those scenarios where you place a job ad online and then get 30 cold calls from recruiters, and it’s not a position you want to be in,” Beaton says. “That’s not the reason you’ve placed an ad online.”

“I think the fact that Recruitment Genius ensures that the only people that are going to be contacting you are people who are seriously interested in coming to work for you, saves a lot of time.”

The Frequently Asked Questions section of Recruitment Genius’ website filters applicants based on a variety of categories that may or may not be essential for the job; for example, checking whether someone can drive, because the office is remote and the commute might mean they don’t stay with the company long.

“Having those upfront FAQs in there making sure the job is right for those people and right for us stops people being disappointed,” Beaton says.

The cost of the service is a major plus too, with savings on recruitment fees being thousands of pounds if someone is hired through Recruitment Genius. In the future, Secura Hosting plans to place more adverts through the system, particularly for more specialist groups of job seekers within the IT sector.

“If the system gives you the right quantity and quality of candidates you need for a role, it is a no brainer financially”