About Chorus

Chorus is a Bristol-based Microsoft partner which provides IT support, cloud computing, software development, creative and web services. Formed in 1995 and employing 75 people, Chorus was recently awarded the highest possible three-star “extraordinary” status for Best Companies due to its strong focus on staff engagement and happiness

“I have full control”


The challenge

As a rapidly growing Microsoft Partner (recognised on the Fortuna 50 Index as being one of the fastest growing, female driven UK businesses), Chorus were looking for a recruitment partner that understood that technology space could help contact people of a similar mindset.

The approach

It has been two years since Chorus received a phone call from one of the Recruitment Genius account managers and “immediately liked the sound of it”.

In seeing applicants with the right mindset, Recruitment Genius were able to cast the net a little wider by keeping jobs online for a month and finding recruits further afield than Bristol.

Recruitment Genius is one of the very few recruitment platforms that accept applicants via mobile technology.

“We have employed people that we have relocated and I don’t believe that would have necessarily happened if we had gone down an agency route”


“It’s great to get applicants in the mindset before they even apply for the job using any one of the techniques used by Recruitment Genius. I like the fact that you don’t always get stereotyped people applying for your roles”


The outcome

Recruitment Genius has filled 20 jobs over the last 24 months. The ability to find the right people to join the company has led to them becoming one of the best companies to work for, creating an “extraordinary company” with the past year seeing the biggest growth to date.

Service delivery manager Jenny Scourfield recruited a team member who didn’t have any IT experience but really wanted to get into the sector. “Her CV was fantastic and I took her over other people who have got IT experience because she applied through Recruitment Genius,” Scourfield says, “I like the fact that you don’t always get stereotypical people applying for your roles.”

The portal, which allows users to track progress and record historical data, is easy to use and has made the recruitment process more efficient, saving Chorus time and money.

Focusing on its people is fundamentally important to the way Chorus operates. Recruitment Genius has been key to that expansion by helping choose the right people over the right skills.

“Being the right fit is very important for us. We have employed people that we have relocated and I don’t believe that would necessarily happen if we went down the agency route”