Types of Construction, Trades & Property jobs we fill

  • Entry: General labourer
  • Senior: Quantity surveyor & contractor manager
  • Popular: Estimators, contract managers, property investment sales consultants
  • Specialist: Chartered surveyors

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“I was initially sceptical because of the low cost and also because I didn’t think it would be possible for you to filter the applicants – but that did happen and was very useful. Normally with internet recruitment sites I get inundated with hundreds of totally irrelevant CVs so the service of filtering is definitely a bonus. I would use Recruitment Genius again and continue to recommend it.”

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Industry spotlight


A vast, wide-ranging sector, we cover a multitude of different roles from apprenticeship level all the way up to experienced and senior roles. For a more comprehensive list of the areas we cover, just scroll down.

There’s one particularly significant problem in this sector at the moment. While Brexit is expected to kickstart an exodus of foreign construction workers and free up lots of constructions jobs, there’s still a property downturn despite the government’s commitment to affordable housing, which means fewer jobs in reality. The government seems to be trying to remedy this by increasing spending on infrastructure projects where we’re now helping recruit for many roles.

Elsewhere we’re seeing skills shortages for surveyors and design technicians in particular. But away from this lots of the jobs offer training to plug any skills gaps, and employers are improving salaries to attract and keep the most experienced candidates.

Lastly, we want to mention that the entire construction, trades and property sector has suffered from gender inequality and has been slow to make the right changes. But things are now happening and we’re seeing a more concerted effort from employers to boost the female workforce with incentives like work placements and appropriate maternity and childcare benefits.

Areas we regularly recruit for in construction, trades and property include:

Architecture, building control, building services engineering, building surveying, civil engineering, construction management, estate management, facilities management, historic buildings conservation, housing management, land surveying, property development, property management, quantity surveying, structural engineers, town and country planning, valuation – and that’s not a comprehensive list! We also represent lots of suppliers to the construction industry.

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