Types of Human Resources jobs we fill

  • Entry: HR administrator
  • Senior: HR director
  • Popular: Internal recruiters
  • Specialist: Global engagement manager

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As the traditional notion of what HR is becomes increasingly blurred, so the employment sector around it becomes increasingly polarised.

Many employers don’t ask for a formal qualification like the CIPD anymore because they’re more interested in people qualified through experience rather than theory. There are also fewer corporate HR departments that used to act as training academies for up and coming employees.

Instead HR is becoming more specialised with defined roles like recruitment, payroll, learning and development. We’re increasingly seeing recruitment in the sector move in-house with the candidates usually coming from an employment agency background.

The result is that we’re working more and more with a small cohort of senior ex-HRDs who are either self-employed or work for HR consulting practices. This has created lots of part-time roles as demand from SMEs has soared. We’re happy to report though that interest in HR roles is still high, so they’re generally easy to fill.

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