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Types of Catering & Hospitality jobs we fill

  • Entry: Kitchen porter, waiting staff, bar staff, canteen assistant
  • Senior: Head chef
  • Popular: Front of house, chef de partie
  • Specialist: Head of venues & hospitality
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Industry spotlight

The rise in ‘staycations’ has led to a boom period for the catering and hospitality sector, particularly for the younger market. So much so that it’s now the fourth largest employer in the UK and makes up many of our ongoing roles, with a third of applicants younger than 25.

Catering and hospitality recruitment has traditionally been transient. Most employers are looking for seasonal staff and like to recruit in advance to build a pipeline of suitable candidates who love working with people, can adapt quickly to different roles with minimal training, and who are ready to work in peak periods. All traits we’ve found employers can ascertain quickly and easily using our [Shortlist+] telephone screening service.

But we’re also seeing more and more people starting to look at it as a long-term career, with employers using us primarily to recruit for senior staff rather than junior roles they can easily fill with a simple ‘shop window’ advert.

The biggest impact to the sector as a whole is likely to be Brexit. We’re currently seeing a slight skills shortage among senior chefs and managers. And that’s only likely to get worse in the short term as around 700,000 employees in this sector are from EU countries, many of who are already returning home or relocating away from the UK. As yet, the UK industry doesn’t seem to have the capacity to train and replace them.

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