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For many people, the start of summer can bring the “school’s out” feeling. The days are longer, the weather is hotter and outdoor activities are in full swing. However, for employees, work must go on no matter how lovely the weather outside is. With, temperatures rising and staff taking annual leave it can be hard to keep employees focused. That’s why at Recruitment Genius we’ve got some great tips on how to keep your staff motivated throughout the season.

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Help Your Staff Beat The Summertime Blues

For many people, the start of summer can bring the “school’s out” feeling. The days are longer, the weather is…

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Is Your Recruitment Advertising Failing?

With recruitment, there are always going to be challenges. Recruitment Genius has discovered that some of those challenges can be…

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How To Make a Good First Impression With Your Candidates

With unemployment rates dropping, the battle to recruit the best staff available is getting tougher. So you want to ensure…

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Should You Let Your Staff Work From Home?

According to the Office of National Statistics, 13.9% of employees work from home. This is the highest level since records…

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How to Effectively Reference Check Candidates

Research has found that over 33% of candidates lie on their CV and over 25% lie during an interview. Therefore…

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How to Offer a Job

One of the best parts of recruitment is when you have found the person you want to employ. The next…

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How to Respond to Applicants

Recruiters are often faced with a flood of applications that need to be sifted in order to shortlist candidates for…

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How to Attract Young Talent

Many businesses don’t take into consideration the full potential of young people. Recruiting them can be a valuable element of…

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Love your Employees this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's is the day we are most expected to express our love. This year why not use this as an…

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Are Application Forms and Career Portals Damaging your Recruitment Process

Employers often redirect job seekers from an online job board to their own career portal that contain application forms. However…

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How to Create the Ultimate Job Description

Making the perfect match isn’t down to luck. It’s due to the recruiter’s ability to describe what the job entails…

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Why should you show salary in your job advert ?

A recent report on grabbed our attention with its headline “50% of UK job ads don’t include salary.” The…

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