It has been revealed that there will be new employment opportunities with shale gas industry, with the sector set to create around 4,200 jobs over the next decade. In the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ (IMechE) latest report, it was shown that the gas sector would have to expand considerably to help keep up with Britain’s power demands.

Over the next ten years thousands of jobs are to be created, with those who are currently unemployed being able to take advantage of the trend. Around 1,000 of the shale gas jobs would be created in Lancashire, with people urged to take advantage of the positions. The energy sector is an increasingly large employer in the UK and, as such, people looking for employment should attempt to train themselves in complimentary areas so that they can take advantage of job roles.

IMechE’s head of energy and environment, Dr Tim Fox, said: “UK shale gas could make a helpful contribution to the UK’s energy security for the next two centuries, but it is not the silver bullet many claim it is. A general over-reliance on gas will render the UK a hostage to volatile global energy markets, with or without UK shale gas.”

The government has recently brought new rules into effect, which have allowed better tax options for companies working in the gas and oil sector. As a result, many firms may be looking to hire, with unemployed individuals and recruitment agencies urged to look to this industry for future work.

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