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Many employers are looking for new and enticing ways to attract and motivate employees with a range of perks. Whilst not all companies can be as generous as Google who provide staff with free on-site haircuts and laundrettes, there are other ways to treat your staff. Below we have listed a few alternative perks to treat employees, increase productivity levels and build a positive working environment.

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Five Employee Perks To Help Keep Staff Productive

Many employers are looking for new and enticing ways to attract and motivate employees with a range of perks. Whilst…

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How To Give Your Employees A Deserving Pay Rise

A recent survey from Glassdoor showed that 37% of UK employees expect a pay rise within the next year. For…

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How To Make Meetings at Work More Worthwhile

A Survey by found that employees named meetings their top time-waster at work in 2012 and 2013. Yet it…

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How To Motivate Staff Returning From Their Holidays

According to a new survey by Travelex, one in four staff “pull a sickie” on their first day back from…

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Why Staff Appraisals are Important for your Business

Holding staff appraisals is a great way to examine an employee’s performance, accomplishments and growth within the business. They are…

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How to Interview Job Seekers Effectively

An interview is a great way to gain an accurate picture of the candidate’s attributes whilst giving a good impression…

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How To Screen CVs and Shortlist Candidates

The first step of this process is to review the job description and/or the advertisement for the position. This will…

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What not to Never ask Job Seekers in an Interview

When conducting an interview, you must be very careful when asking questions that may be discriminatory. It’s important to recognise…

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Would Your Staff Swap Jobs for a £1,700 Salary Rise?

A recent global study found that British workers could be tempted to join a new employer with a pay rise…

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How To Deal With Employees Who Don’t Get Along

Tension in the workplace can make it extremely uncomfortable for other employees. Thus possibly badly affecting productivity, refusal to work…

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How to be Successful at Recruiting Online

Using Internet is an effective way to quickly find the best talent available. However, with a plethora of new concepts…

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How to Know if the Perfect Employee Exists

Before you start to recruit wouldn’t it be nice to know if you had a high chance of filling the…

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