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NI Business Leaders Meet to Discuss Online Recruitment

Business leaders in Northern Ireland have been hearing how the need to incorporate mobile technology into their recruitment processes will be one of their top priorities in the next three years. 

Members of the Northern Ireland Chambers of Commerce gathered at a networking event this week, where they heard from top local representatives of the recruitment industry and learned their thoughts on the future development recruitment trends. 

Local expert, Andy Taylor, told the attendees that the need to expand their recruitment methods into assorted mobile platforms was crucial and soon would be the most important means of finding new staff. 

Mr Taylor said the increased use of social networking sites for the process was only logical, in light of their rapid rise to dominance. He said, "The popularity of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has increased exponentially since 2008 and they now claim over 800 million users."

Recent research into internet use habits have shown that it is likely that the number of people using the internet from mobile devices - from smartphones and laptop devices - will over take the number of desktop users in three years. 

It has also been measured that 30 per cent of all internet activity in Northern Ireland it related to job seeking, with hundreds of websites, blogs, Facebook pages and YouTube videos posted on the subject. 

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