We are thrilled to announce that we turn five on Thursday 18th December. During that time we have helped reduce over 60,000 job seekers find employment!

Here is our story so far:

Back in December 2009, Geoff Newman was in a pub with a friend when a news bulletin about the high unemployment rate was shown. Trying to put the world to rights, they discussed how great it would be if they could help more people return to work.

At the time they were drinking ‘Lucky’ beer that was £1.99 when they thought it would be great if they could set up a recruitment service that charges just £199. From that, they worked out what they could afford to do, what wasn’t really adding any value and began to set up a business model. That day their idea was refined and they called a prospective client who loved the idea. Within a few days the foundations of Recruitment Genius was set up.

By January 2010 we have set up an office in Sevenoaks and started turning big businesses such as Kellogg’s, Tesco and Virgin into recruitment geniuses. As our business grew we started to get recognised for our achievements. In November 2010 we won the Best Business Award and became finalists for many other awards in 2011.

We later expanded to Maidstone and recruited more great people where we won the UK’s Most Promising New Business award.

By 2012 we had helped fill over 59,704 jobs. With that success we decided to expand again and opened up an office in Glasgow in 2013. We launched a new website too for an even better user-experience.

Since then we have developed our system to make recruitment so much easier. We wanted to take the hassle of recruitment away by letting technology take the strain. This included a free video and telephone screening tool for our customers to keep their shortlists short.

Now in 2014 we have over 8,800 UK based customers and helped fill over a staggering 63, 323 jobs. We have a 93.7% success rate in enhancing recruiters’ chances of recruiting the right person.

Our ultimate objective is for everyone in the UK to become a recruitment genius. And that actually by doing so, it reduces unemployment and makes businesses more productive and profitable.

We’re amazed how quickly five years has gone, would like to thank everyone for their support and looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Become a Recruitment Genius

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