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For many employers, their true capacity of leadership is tested in times of crisis. During stressful periods, behaviour and performance are key indicators on how you cope deal with a situation. As a business owner, it is important to stay calm and collected in difficult circumstances. Therefore at Recruitment Genius we have listed the five things you should do in times of crisis.

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How To Lead A Work Crisis

For many employers, their true capacity of leadership is tested in times of crisis. During stressful periods, behaviour and performance…

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Are Office Dogs at Work a Barking Mad Idea?

Having an office dog has become increasingly popular for many companies. Many such as Amazon and Ben and Jerry’s even…

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How Employers Can Help Deal With Staff Depression

Sadly one in five employees are likely to be affected by depression at some point in their lives. The total…

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How To Encourage Fitness and Well-being at Work

A recent study suggest that staff who are seated for the majority of their working day could have a higher…

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NI Business Leaders Meet to Discuss Online Recruitment

Business leaders in Northern Ireland have been hearing how the need to incorporate mobile technology into their recruitment processes will…

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Top 10 Traits To Recognise In Your Best Staff

Employees who you consider to be the best are the ones who often come far in between. Finding those employees…

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How To Encourage Staff To Report Hazards at Work

According to a recent report form, 74% of British workers are too scared to complain about workplace safety. This…

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Recruitment Genius’ Fifth Year Anniversary – Our Story So Far

We are thrilled to announce that we turn five on Thursday 18th December. During that time we have helped reduce…

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How to Create an Induction Checklist

Starting a new job can be a very daunting experience. The new starter is likely to feel under pressure to…

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Rewarding Your Staff Rewards Your Business Back

Organisations that don’t show appreciation for their staff may face higher staff turnover. This problem will become a real issue…

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How To Deal With An Employee Who Has A Negative Attitude

Many business owners will come across a member of staff who tends to possess a negative attitude. Their poor behaviour…

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Should Your Business Let Employees Dress Casually?

For many businesses, staff are expected to adopt a formal dress code consisting of suits and ties. However, not all…

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