It’s almost the inevitable to have an employee you don’t quite gel with. This may be because they get distracted easily, are difficult to deal with or you just don’t quite see eye-to-eye. However, it can be especially hard when they add great value to the business but there is something about their personality that rubs you up the wrong way. As a manager, you will have to make some personal adjustments so that your business can continue to succeed.

1. Identify what you don’t like

If they get the job done, their performance is satisfactory and is a great worker then it may just be your issue after all. Find out what you don’t like about them. Are they too negative? Too opinionated? Or do they have conflicting views? Though you can’t change an employee’s personality, you can change how you deal with it. If you don’t, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes apparent to them and your team that you don’t like them.

2. Remember that it’s business, not pleasure

Though there is the expectation to not make personal friends with employees, it can sometimes happen. Especially amongst smaller businesses. Therefore be sure to establish healthy boundaries with your employees to show that you are their boss not their friend. As a manager you just need to respect what the employee does for your business. By doing this you keep your authority and your business will not suffer should there be any personal discrepancies.

3. Stay professional and courteous

In order to make sure your business doesn’t take the brunt, ensure you stay professional throughout. If you were in their position, how would you expect to be treated? Don’t involve yourself in office gossip about them or say anything negative. Not only will it make you look unprofessional, it will make other staff members wonder what you think of them too. This could lead to staff feeling uncomfortable or paranoid.

4. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

If you find it a big struggle to work with a certain employee then it may be best to keep your distance. You could either move desks or offices, depending on the structure of your business. That way they can be productive whilst not irritating you as much.

5. Promote team-building exercises

Though you may not want to, team-building exercises are a good way to build relationships. By embarking on a project together or going for a coffee you could see past their irritating ways. You could find common ground and find a way to manage them. By doing this not only does it make your working day easier, it also makes a happier environment for the rest of your team.

Though working with someone who you just don’t see eye-to-eye with is tough, it can be manageable. By following the above advice you can help make your life easier whilst showing you are a professional. Remember you are there to work, not to increase your social circle. By showing staff you can deal with personal views will set a precedent for them to do the same. Thus making your workplace a much happier place.

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