Having office plants can have a series of positive effects like creating a welcoming feel to the work environment. A recent study has suggested that having plants in the office can benefit your employee’s way of work. This included a 15% increase in productivity as well as improvements in concentration and the office’s atmosphere. At Recruitment Genius, we have taken the time to note down a few reasons why you should invest in a few office plants.

Increases productivity

Office plants have been reported to help increase focus and productivity amongst staff. Researchers from Washington State University found an increase in focus and efficiency when plants were present in the office. They also found that workers felt 10% more attentive with an office plant present, compared to those who don’t. The higher the level of concentration can be attributed to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon monoxide in the air. Therefore meaning that because of this, workers feel more productive and focused at work.

Reduces stress levels

Furthermore, office plants offer a means to decrease workplace stress. This is because it is believed that they can help lower blood pressure levels due to their relaxing nature. Plants help enable workers to perceive their surroundings better and feel more comfortable. This in turn, reduces stress, which can help your employees work much better during tense situations.

Increasing morale for a low cost

When office plants are present, a calmer and nicer work environment is created. Plants can be interesting, colourful and relaxing, which generates a positive psychological affect. As most people spend the majority of their days at work, it is important to create a comfortable environment. Furthermore they also provide a welcoming place for your clients when they visit. Office plants don’t have to be a great expenditure either meaning that you can create a nicer atmosphere without spending a fortune.

Improves indoor air quality

Growing live plants in the office can help clean the air and even improve everyone’s health. This is because they can help eliminate volatile organic compounds, which can cause symptoms such as burning eyes and respiratory difficulties. By having plants you help create a healthy and clean environment, which could help, decrease employee illness. Therefore the healthier your staff, the better they are in contributing to your business.


By simply having a plant in the office, you could create a better place for your staff to work in. Office plants help increase you employee’s mood, attitude, concentration and productivity which in turn benefits your business greatly. Therefore we recommend investing in a few office plants around the office to see how they can have a positive effect on your employees.

Do you encourage staff to have a plant on their desk? If so, what benefits are you noticing?

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