For some employers, there is an assumption that every job must be full time. However once it has been worked out how much work there is and how many hours it will take to complete them, you might find a part-time worker would be better to recruit. Here a Recruitment Genius, we have noted down why recruiting part time staff may benefit your business.

They help keep costs down

Employing part-time workers can be an efficient way to keep costs down in areas where full-cover is not needed. You could potentially recruit a highly skilled and experienced part-time worker when you can’t afford to employ a full-time worker.  This way you can recruit an employee who is really talented who your business can afford. Though they may be in the office less, they time they are there they may do wonders for your business.

They are more likely to stay

Staff who work part-time generally have a great work/life balance. They can work the contracted hours and then spend their time off catching up on errands, looking after children and meeting up with friends. This balance can make them happier at work and therefore be willing to go the extra mile at work. They are also more likely to be more loyal to you and not look elsewhere.

They’re less likely book time off for appointments

Due to the time off they already have, part-timers tend to not book time off for the dentist or doctors. This being more beneficial to the business because many full-time workers need to book a morning or afternoon off to attend an appointment meaning a loss on valuable business hours. With part-time workers, they can schedule appointments of days they already have off. This means they can work solidly throughout their days without having to leave during the day increasing productivity for the business.

They have less sick days

Furthermore many part-timers may be less likely to call in sick. This is because they mind they only work a few days a week or a few hours each day so would not want to be away from their computers anymore than they already are. Though it is important for part-time staff to rest if they are ill, those who feel slightly unwell may make more of an effort to come in. Therefore showing a high level of commitment in helping the business go on as usual.

They do just as much as full-time workers

In many cases you may find that part-timers to do as much in their shorter shifts as a full-time worker. This is because they are mindful that they are contracted to do less hours so are less likely to “slack off”.  With the time they are in the office they could be more motivated and productive. This will help save your business time and money.

Opportunity to introduce job-sharing

Job-sharing is a great way to employ part-time staff that ensures your business does not suffer by being flexible. This is where generally two people share the responsibility, pay and benefits of a full-time job. They share the pay and benefits in proportion to the hours of work. One may work Monday-Wednesday whilst the other works Wednesday-Friday. By introducing this, your business could really benefit. There will be a flexibility to work when demand is high, a wider range of skills, experiences and views to use and if one is sick or on holiday than their workload is covered.

When looking to recruit, it is important to consider the prospect on hiring a part-time worker instead. There are many well-qualified job seekers out there who could potentially be a great asset to your company if you could offer them work on a part-time basis.  Hiring part-timers could be a great decision for your business. Though you may not seen them as much as full-timers they will work just as hard, be happier and loyal to your business.

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