Many social media sites can help a company with their recruitment needs but one of the most popular is proving to be micro-blogging site Twitter.  While many people might tell you that due to the large volume of people who are online using Twitter that recruiting through that platform is easy, without knowing what you are doing, you can become lost in a mire of irrelevant tweets and find yourself spending a whole lot of time doing not very much.

That being said, if you know how to go about recruiting on Twitter it is relatively simple.  Make sure that when you start out on Twitter you have a clear plan regarding what you want to achieve.  Remember that your tweets will reflect your company image at all time so work hard to keep things professional and company branding consistent.  That does not mean you have to be extremely serious, it just means that you need to remember that your tweet has the potential of being viewed by millions of people.

Be creative and think outside the usual press release box.  What you are trying to do on Twitter is engage with people so that they are attracted to your company.  The result of this is that even if you do not find the candidate you were looking for, your brand has been enhanced and people are talking about you in a positive light.

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