The Scottish government has revealed that it to invest £7.9m in a number of new renewable energy projects that are likely to create a variety of new jobs. Renewable energy is a top priority for the government, and recruitment agencies looking to place staff are likely to see an increasing number of vacancies in this area in coming months.

Scotland has always been good at utilising natural resources to create power, and £7.9m has now been invested into funding five major projects. The money will be used to help developers create new tidal prototypes and continue Scotland’s record for creating renewable energy. One of the companies to benefit from the investment is Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd, which will be constructing and installing a new tidal turbine.

Scotland’s deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said: “The WATERS 2 funding sends a further clear signal that Scotland – already blessed with some of the world’s greatest concentrations of marine energy resource and with unrivalled offshore energy engineering expertise – will continue to provide the optimum research and investment environment for developers and commercial partners.”

Whilst Scotland is set to be creating a variety of new employment opportunities, so too is the rest of the UK. The government is suggesting that up to 250,000 new jobs may be created in the renewable energy sector. For recruiters wanting to ensure that they are on trend, following the renewable market could offer many opportunities.

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