When it comes to being in a position of power, job specs have changed and many companies now expect their leaders to work across many time zones and deal with employees from many different countries, as the internet allows companies to expand their workforce outside of the traditional office.

Speaking about the issues that arise with these new working conditions, one recruitment expert said: “Managers have to build, engage, and foster team spirit across different time zones and geographies.  To do this many organisations run their own online diversity and inclusion training programmes for managers with extra programmes offered for those likely to work with staff across geographies. “

There is a growing importance for leaders to be able to tackle the challenge of communicating with people in different countries, with different backgrounds and in different time zones, and the companies that are taking active steps to address these challenges are finding their efforts rewarded.

The expert continued, “Although technology plays an important role, both in training and day-to-day communications, it should not be used as a substitute for personal relationships.”  The expert also went on to highlight how networks are increasingly important when it comes to recruitment and the learning and sharing of knowledge or experiences.  He also advised companies to lay down guidelines for the expected level of behaviour and performance when it comes to dealing with these unique issues.

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