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Don’t lose track of your applicants, use our Thumb rankings to help you filter candidates. Thumb Rankings are located in the top left side of the job application or at the bottom on a mobile device. Filter the applicants you like from those you are not going to progress with ease.

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Thumb Rankings

Don’t lose track of your applicants, use our Thumb rankings to help you filter candidates. Thumb Rankings are located in…

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What is Shortlist+ and how to use it!

Shortlist+ is an automated telephone screening tool. It allows you to hear candidates answering your questions without meeting them. Simply…

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Work & Pensions Changes – Draconian Measures of Long Overdue?

Online recruitment specialist Recruitment Genius discusses the latest proposals from the Work and Pensions Secretary. Is being made to work…

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Adding Users and Teams

If you have a team of people involved in your recruitment process then Recruitment Genius is great for that. It’s…

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Auto Reject Candidates

Auto rejecting applicants can ease your recruitment process. It optimises your time so you can focus on relevant applicants.

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Send an Applicant a message

Did you know you can send applicants a message through your employer portal? All correspondence can happen in one place…

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How to filter in only the right applicants by commuting distance

Getting numerous applications from your job advert is fantastic, and with Recruitment Genius you can let technology take the strain…

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The tides have turned for as Google is penalising them for too much duplicate content. Therefore, Indeed had no…

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Google to include salaries in job advertisements even if employers do not

Employers who do not include a salary in their job advertisements will soon find Google automatically add a Predicted Salary.

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How is artificial intelligence (AI) replacing workers?

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning is already replacing workers. Some people find this transformation exciting whilst others are…

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Improved Shortlist+ Screens Applicants Even Better

We’re delighted to announce a significant upgrade to Shortlist+. It has proved hugely popular, in July 2017 we conducted over…

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Recruitment Futurology

CEO of Recruitment Genius, Geoff Newman, shares his insight with the Recruitment Society.

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