Did you know you can send applicants a message through your employer portal? All correspondence can happen in one place making the recruitment process easier. You don’t have to search back through emails or jump between your employer portal and your email platform.

To send an applicant a message:

   1. Click on their application

   2. Click on the ‘message’ tab at the top

   3. Type your message and attach a file if you wish

   4. Click [Send message] button

Remember to introduce yourself and mention the job advert, as up until this point your details have been kept confidential.

We check for profanities so you will be unable to send a message until they are removed.  This is to protect your reputation.

If you haven’t included any profanities, it may just be that we’ve been over-zealous because there are lots of grammatical errors and once corrected you’ll be able to send the message easily.

If you haven’t included any profanities, and there are no grammatical errors, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Once your message has been sent, the applicant will receive an email with your message. The applicant then has two options, they can either respond by replying to the email or directly from the applicant’s unique job portal.

When an applicant replies we will email you the applicants response. You can reply to the email or from your employer portal where you can see the applicant’s reply in the Notifications page or the applicant record.

We also check the applicant’s response for profanity. If we detect any instances our team will manually check it which may cause a slight delay in receiving it.

Sending applicant messages is easy and having all correspondence in your employer portal ensures you never lose track of the applicants you are considering.

If you have any questions about sending applicant messages you can contact our team using the pop-up box at the bottom of our website, or you can call us on 01732 617 460.

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