Shortlist+ is an automated telephone screening tool. It allows you to hear candidates answering your questions without meeting them.

Simply ask a question once and we will invite your applicants to respond via phone, capturing their responses for you to review at your convenience. Unlike popular conference systems such as Skype and Zoom, you don’t have to be available when the applicant is giving their answer.

If an applicant has not answered your questions within two days an email reminder will be sent to them. You can also see when these emails were sent, opened and clicked on. To find this information go to the applicant’s record, select the Shortlist+ tab and all activity will display at the bottom.

Shortlist+ can be added to an advert at the time of creation or by navigating to the All Adverts page and selecting the appropriate advert.

Select Advanced options under the advert description and navigate to Shortlist+ automated screening questions.

Add your questions to the question fields.  We allow a maximum of three questions per advert. You can also specify if it is a yes/no question by ticking the checkbox under the question field. You will be asked to indicate the desired answer and you can auto-reject candidates that answer incorrectly.

Save the changes to be submitted for approval.

Once your questions have been approved, applicants will be invited to answer your questions via telephone. We allow up to 30 seconds for an applicant to answer each question, this keeps answers concise for a more efficient review later on. You do not have to be present when an applicant is providing their answers. They will be recorded for you to review at your convenience.

We will send you daily alerts by email about completed Shortlist+ answers. You can also see Shortlist+ responses in the notification page (top left side, bell icon) under the microphone icon:

Shortlist+ allows you to gain powerful insights about an applicant’s suitability, ensuring you don’t miss out on great applicants that made a poor written application.

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