If you have a team of people involved in your recruitment process then Recruitment Genius is great for that.  It’s easy to add additional users and teams to your employer portal and speed up the hiring process with our flexible way to manage user access.  All your organisation’s recruitment tasks are housed in one place and can be easily managed by different departments.

For example, you could set up a team such as ‘Customer Service’ and another team for ‘Sales’. Users in the ‘Customer Service’ team can be excluded from viewing the ‘Sales’ team adverts and applications—and vice versa.  This means you can run multiple campaigns at the same time.

More on security permissions later, first let’s look at how you set up users and teams.

You can add users and teams by navigating to the sidebar on the righthand side and selecting ‘Users & Teams’. If you cannot see this tab, you may not have security permission and will need to contact the account owner.

If you don’t know who the account owner is please contact us.


To add a new user:

   1. From the ‘Users & Teams’ page select the ‘Add a new user’ link

   2. Enter the users name and contact details

   3. Select which teams the user should join

   4. Finish by selecting the [Invite new user] button

   5. We email the user an invitation with a link to create their password and login

We recommend creating a new user for each member of your team, as it is more secure and means you can track who does what (which is mostly useful when something does not go according to plan).


Teams are important if you would like to limit who can view adverts and applications. Like adding a new user, setting up a new team is very straightforward:

   1. Click on the ‘teams’ tab at the top of the page

   2. Click on ‘Add a new team’

   3. Enter team name

   4. Finish by clicking the [Create team] button

Once your team is created you can add users to it by clicking into it and then on the ‘users’ tab. All users will be displayed allowing you to select those you would like to join the team.

Users can also be added to a team at the point you invite them to the portal, just tick the checkbox of the team you would like them to join. Users can be members of multiple teams.

To add and remove users from a team:

   1. From the Users & Teams page select the appropriate user

   2. Select the Security & Teams tab

   3. Choose the relevant teams

   4. Add or remove team members as you require

   5. Finish by selecting the [Save changes] button

Teams can be deleted by doing the following:

   1. From the Users & Teams page select the team you want to delete

   2. Select the [Delete team] button

   3. If prompted select the team you want users and jobs moved to and finish by selecting [Delete team]

We understand responsibilities may change, someone may leave your organisation or no longer requires access to your employer portal. Unfortunately we cannot delete a user once they are added but you can suspend them so they can no longer access your employer portal.

   1. From the Users & Teams page select the user you want to suspend

   2. Select the Security & Teams tab

   3. Scroll down and finish by selecting the [Suspend user] button

Should a suspended user need access again in the future, this is not a problem! Follow the steps above but select the [enable user] button.

If you have created a duplicate users/colleagues, we’d be happy to merge duplicate accounts. Please contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Genius Tip:  If a user has left your organisation it is better to suspend their account.

From time to time contact details may change. To change a user’s email address?

   1. From the Users & Teams page select the appropriate user

   2. Change their email address (note: it can’t be the same email as another user)

   3. Finish by selecting the [Save changes] button

Security Permissions

You can give users different levels of permissions such as:

        – View, create, and edit other users and teams (suitable for account owners)

       –  Make purchases and view past transactions

       –  View: all jobs; only the jobs they created; only the jobs within their team

To add and remove permission levels of a user:

    1. From the Users & Teams page select the appropriate user

    2. Select the Security & Teams tab

    3. Ensure Make purchases and view past transactions is NOT ticked

    4. Finish by selecting the [Save changes] button

Users/colleagues that have security permissions to view applicants can see all notes, they will also be able to edit/delete all notes.

If you are uncertain about the ‘Users & Teams’ functionality or unsure how to apply the security permissions then give us a call. We’re all about making the recruitment process as hassle free as possible.

You can find more Genius tips and answers to your questions in our Help Centre.

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