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A woman’s work is never done and it looks as the though the pay it commands will, in the future, be even less!

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A Woman’s Work is Worth Even Less!

A woman’s work is never done and it looks as the though the pay it commands will, in the future,…

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Commuters Get An Insight Into Effective Recruitment

Online recruitment specialist, Recruitment Genius, has started the year positively with a 48-sheet advertising poster on the London to Hastings…

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Finance Sector Leading Recruitment Out Of The Recession

Leading firms in the financial industry's are helping lead the way in revitalising post-recession recruitment.

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The Human Touch Versus Automation

Recruitment Genius stick to their word and employ an apprentice with excellent customer service experience.

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Private Sector Hesitant to Hire Public Sector Employees

Recruitment by private sector companies is unlikely to provide the solution to public sector lay-offs that the government was hoping…

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Professional Networks Dominate Guardian Recruitment Summit

Opinions from a conference involving some of the country's top recruitment authorities have backed up some of the circulating predictions…

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Recruitment Thought Leader – Geoff Newman – On RCEuro

RCEuro is continuing its series of conversations with Recruitment Thought Leaders, this time with chief executive of Recruitment Genius. View the…

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Social media becoming integral to online recruitment

Online recruitment is fast becoming the dominant form of job hunting.

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Online Job Demand Shows Year-On-Year Increase

An index that measures online recruitment advertising demand has shown that demand grew in December 2011.

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US Recruitment Index Shows Significant Year-on-Year Growth

A major US online recruitment index has shown that online demand for workers experienced a 7 per cent year-on-year rise…

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Online Recruitment Raises Importance of Online Reputation

As online recruitment is growing more and more commonplace among employers, so is the importance of the online reputation of…

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Recruitment process to benefit from employment law amendments

Employers across the UK are expected to hone their recruitment processes even more than they already are in a bid…

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