Receiving a high number of applications can feel like a lot of work. After sifting through the CVs on your desk, that “NO” pile may look daunting. Although it’s easier to push that heap over the side of your desk and into your bin, it’s probably a good idea to think again. The consequences of not answering candidates can be just as (if not more) time-consuming as taking action and the blow on your company’s reputation could be regrettable.

Indeed it is a well-known fact that time-consuming tasks can avoid even more time-consuming tasks. However, sometimes we don’t realize the risk until we suffer the consequences. Although it may be tempting to ignore the long list of unsuitable job seekers, doing so could cause you more hassle than you may think.

Candidates who are left to draw their own conclusions may not hesitate to “name and shame” online. Potential candidates could be reading detrimental comments on forums and could easily be discouraged from applying to your company. The job search world is small and a little bad press can go a long way… For the health of your talent pool, protect your reputation!

The more proactive candidates are sure to get in touch anyway, meaning you will have to take the time to answer their calls individually. Receiving a call when you are unprepared could even lead to you giving information which could have legal implications – don’t let yourself get caught out!

Writing a letter to each candidate seems like the only way to avoid disappointment and the invasion of follow-up calls. Your letter needn’t be too long; in fact you might be doing yourself a favour by keeping it short. Extra detail and negative feedback could lead to misinterpretation and legal consequences. We think the best way to go about it is to be courteous and professional – please download our free guide on How to Answer Applicants for a full letter template.

Remember to show each candidate that your company respects each one of its existing and potential employees. See this correspondence as an opportunity to promote your brand values.

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