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At Recruitment Genius, we have helped a lot of companies fill vacancies with our easy and affordable recruitment advertising solution. We believe that advertising your jobs online is the first step to ensuring you have access to an extensive pool of talented candidates.

To run an effective recruitment advertising campaign, we always ensure the following tips are followed. This is part of the Recruitment Genius Advantage.

Tip 1: Use an appropriate job title

Imagine you are the job seeker. Think about what you would type into a search field. Generic phrases such as “Do you want to work in sales” are unlikely to be searched. Therefore we recommend using well-known job titles instead. For example, a well-known airline used the job title “Executive Flight Attendants” and received far fewer applicants than hoped. Our research showed job seekers were searching for “Cabin Crew” meaning their jobs were not appearing in the search results.

Tip 2: Optimize the use of keywords

To ensure your job is showcased to a wider audience include plenty of job-specific keywords in your description, whilst keeping the job description looking natural to the reader. So if you are looking to recruit a “Sales Manager” you could put the following:

“We are looking for an experienced sales manager in the car sales industry. As the sales manager, you will be expected to manage a team of 10 sales people, set monthly sales targets and give relevant training. Ideally you will have proven experience in a previous sales manager role”.

Tip 3: Protect your company’s brand

Many companies are constantly recruiting, either because they have a difficult role to fill, are growing quickly or genuinely have lots of jobs. However, job seekers who regularly see your advertising vacancies may incorrectly assume you have high turnover and therefore be a bad employer. That is why it is best to hide your company’s brand.

Furthermore, if you are going to display your company name you have the additional pressure of responding to all applications in a timely manner. Whilst some applicants may not be right some could be potential customers. Therefore your action, or lack of it, could damage your business in the long run.

Recruitment Genius helps guard against these mistakes by ensuring confidentiality and showing our brand instead of yours. We filter through all applications and take care of all candidate communications.

Tip 4: Have a compelling opening paragraph

When applicants search for jobs, the first few words from your job description is usually shown in the initial results. In order for job seekers to be intrigued, provide a short overview of the role; repeat the job title and ensure it is compelling.

The use of keywords and related terms in the opening paragraph are important in improving your chances of ranking high in the listings.

Tip 5: Highlight the benefits of your company

Focus on writing a job description that sells your company as a great place to work. For example, you may offer great benefits such as free lunches, parking or great training schemes.

Tip 6: Include salary information

Research shows that job seekers are far less likely to apply for a job, if a salary is not shown. This is because it of uncertainty, leading them to assume the salary is low when this may not necessarily be the case.  You must take into consideration that job seekers have so much choice so you need to ensure your job is not excluded based on this simple error.

Tip 7: Respond to applicants quickly

As soon as a candidate applies for your job post, respond to them as quickly as possible.

This is because once you have posted your job advertisement; you will see that it will quickly fall down the list of search results. Meaning you will have fewer applications. But even worse, the potentially perfect candidate who sent their details in on day one could get a job offer elsewhere within a week if you don’t respond quickly.

Tip 8: Research and analyse results

Online recruitment has revolutionised traditional advertising. You can now truly measure your return on investment and identify the most effective advertising channel. If you don’t do this, you could waste money and receive irrelevant job applications. Therefore we strongly advise you monitor quality as well as quantity. To find out more, click on the link ‘Choosing The Best Online Job Boards’.

You can benefit from Recruitment Genius’s exclusive research of the sophisticated online recruitment market. We achieve results by constantly profiling job boards to identify which job sites deliver the best responses. This pioneering research is called Recruitment Advertising Optimiser (RAO) and is included free before we start your recruitment advertising campaign.

Tip 9: Find candidates yourself

There are currently over 5.2 million UK jobseekers’ CVs online with some of the best candidates waiting to be found. They do this by making themselves approachable on CV databases.

Use CV search facilities to ensure you don’t miss out on any hidden talent. Conduct your own market research before launching an advertising campaign. To gain competitive advantage, search for your competitors’ staff to see what they are up to.

We appreciate that online CV databases can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.  Therefore we recommend you use our powerful recruitment tool, the CV Searching solution. For a fixed price of £99, our tool will find the best matched candidates and submit them directly to you.

Tip 10: Ask our experts

Exceeding your expectations is our number one priority. Therefore don’t be afraid to ask for help from our experts should you have any questions or concerns. Recruitment Genius has considerable experience running successful online recruitment campaigns and will be delighted to help.

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