About Resolve

Resolve provides IT support, consultancy and network solutions for UK organisations. The company has a “tight-knit, positive, supportive culture”. It invests in its employees through training, development and benefits, and by ensuring that each person feels invested in and valued by the business.

“Recruitment Genius has proven to be a fast, easy-to-use, effective recruitment method and has helped us to find the type of employee we are looking for”


The challenge

In a very competitive sector, the main challenge for Resolve is finding staff that possess a mix of strong technical ability, communication skills and customer focus.

The company uses its own application form and so a key challenge when going through the employment process was making sure jobs and applications were seen by as many people as possible, as well as making sure they were quick and efficient in getting to the interviewing stage.

The approach

After reviewing its recruitment processes, the company decided to try Recruitment Genius. The Resolve team found it very easy to manage postings directly through the Recruitment Genius site since positions were posted to multiple job boards.

“If we’re going to find the best possible candidates the we need to spread the net as wide as possible”


The system was set up to direct applicants to an application form. With the ad staying live for a month, Resolve could capture applicants even if they happened to be on holiday for a couple of weeks.

With the focus on the recruitment process, Resolve also liked the ability to keep people updated and reduce the stress of applying for a job.

“From the very first login to the employer posting it was immediately clear what I needed to do”


The outcome

Resolve has employed 8 team members through Recruitment Genius comprising a quarter of its entire workforce. The company will continue to recruit in line with requirements and growth projections, with Recruitment Genius key to finding the right people.

The support they receive from customer service which is “always good” has proven extremely helpful.

“Knowing that there’s someone at the other end of the phone if I have any questions, helping us tweak the advert so that it is as appealing and as accessible as possible is absolutely fantastic”


“Having one place where we can post on multiple sites is very helpful. It keeps costs down, but it also means we’re getting a good reach and has helped us bring on absolutely fantastic candidates”