If you have been working hard for months, maybe even years, you have probably forgotten what it’s like to “let go”. If we’re honest, giving it your utmost when building a business from scratch is probably a necessary step. However, finding a balance between work and time off is more than essential in the long run. With the right balance, you will be able to focus your energy when and where needed in order to build your organisation to new levels without burning out. As well as giving you a break, knowing how to trust employees can be the first step to success – remember what we said about getting rich from other people’s work?!

The recruitment paradox

Escaping the pressure of working for someone is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs start their own business. Unfortunately, the pressure of others working for you can seem just as stressful. Don’t let the daunting idea of managing a team discourage you, you may find it actually helps you to relax! After discussing wealth-orientated and control-orientated profiles last week, we understand how difficult it can be to let go of power. We also came to the conclusion that it can be much easier to build your business to its full potential with extra talent on board. Not only will the support mean you may find it easier to find a work-life balance, but bringing someone in to develop a particular aspect of your business may help fill gaps you alone could not cater for.

Fill the gaps

Recruiting for the first time is a huge step for a company and its founder. You may even feel it’s not necessary. A lot of entrepreneurs feel they are doing well enough alone, even though their ambitions are huge. Although your business’s success so far may show you are doing a good job alone, remember you may not have had the time or expertise to develop other aspects of your business. After all, isn’t your goal to do even better than you are?! Employing people who are experts in their own area will mean your business can flourish in ways you on your own may not have been able to encourage.

So if you’re tired, run down or simply ready to delegate, don’t be shy about recruiting. A breath of fresh air for you and your business could go a very long way…

More information on recruiting online for small business is available in our free guide. We would also be happy to chat about such decisions, so feel free to get in touch.


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