Letting go of your business can be hard work when you have spent months – maybe years – building it up. Employment can feel like a loss of control and might be a difficult step for entrepreneurs who started their own business to escape pressure from others.

However, introducing new talent to your business is one of the best ways to grant it success. As a business owner, you can benefit from other people’s experience and skills as well as delegate some of the tasks you have been managing on top of everything else. Recruiting staff can be a relief as well as a key to long-term development, but knowing what type of entrepreneur you are will avoid you getting lost in the process.

Our experience at RecruitmentGenius.com has brought our attention to two kinds of founders: control-orientated founders and wealth-orientated founders.

The control-orientated founder likes to do everything his/her way and finds it difficult delegating power to other deciders. In regards to recruitment, the control-orientated founder will often employ staff who are inexperienced or don’t question authority, meaning the founder is able to maintain control and decision-making power.

The wealth-orientated founder realizes he/she can make money from other people’s talent. Working with other people might even feel like an “easy” way to get “rich” ! These founders look at their needs and recruit people with specific skills, filling gaps and making the business stronger. The wealth-orientated founder is not afraid to admit other people might do a better job than he/she could.

When it comes to success, both control-orientated and wealth-orientated can reach great goals. The first is more likely to succeed, however, if the concept is simple and not time-sensitive. The latter will be able to show more flexibility and grow to a higher level – not to mention the founder might find it easier to find a work-life balance (more on that subject later this week !). Either way, it is important you look at the way you work. Think about how you feel about recruiting staff to understand which type of founder you are and set appropriate targets.

If you are a control-orientated founder, is there something you are able to change in order to grow your business to the next level ? For example, accepting that you can’t do everything and might not even want to. If you are a wealth-orientated founder and are looking at recruiting talent for your business – look forward to building your organisation to its full potential!

More information on recruiting staff for start-ups in our free recruitment guide.

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