This is an extract from our full guide ‘Ensure your Recruitment is Realistic’.

Before you start to recruit wouldn’t it be nice to know if you had a high chance of filling the job? Does the “perfect” person you are want even exists?

If you have been advertising a vacancy but have not received a satisfactory response, then your expectations may be too high. Therefore, before you do anything else, follow this guide to discover if your expectations are realistic.

How big is your “talent pool”?

Realistically consider the following points:

  • There are currently 36 million people of working age in the UK with 23 million of those working in the private sector
  • Approximately 10% of the work force is seeking employment or alternative employment at any time. Approximately 800,000 are part-time workers and 1.4 million are full-time workers
  • Consider how many of those looking for work commute outside their location but would rather work locally
  • Of those looking for local work, how many have the essential skills you require to do the job?
  • Review job boards, looking at similar vacancies in your geographical location and identify how much competition there is
  • Companies may pay more, be different, or be better – so why should they join yours?

By considering the above, you should have a realistic understanding of the size of your talent pool and the challenges ahead.

If your talent pool is too large:

This is a fantastic opportunity to start recruiting immediately. Services such as Recruitment Genius are ideal for quickly and cost-effectively filling your vacancy.

If you are unsure of your talent pool size:

Invest in the services of Recruitment Genius who can advertise your job on all the UK’s best online job sites for a flat-fee of £199. This will provide valuable market insights such as the size of the available talent pool and the skills available in today’s market.

A CV search may also be beneficial for your company. There are online databases with millions of CVs on them. Bearing in mind that some may not have been updated but this is still a good way to find people who are proactively looking for work. Recruitment Genius already has access to all the best CV databases so we can help you find the ideal employer.

If your talent pool is too small:

Often the best option for you and your organisation is to reduce your expectations. Revise your requirements and distinguish what is “essential” and what is “desirable”.

Determine if you could offer training in order to fill any gaps or shortcomings in expertise. By training someone you can ensure they meet your company’s policies, standards and requirements.

Be aware of the cost to your business if the job remains unfilled. For example, your organisation may not grow as quickly or you may not have the resources available to fulfill customer requirements.

If the cost is too high, first reconsider your expectations. If you cannot change your requirements then you will most likely have to use a recruitment agency. At Recruitment Genius we can broadcast your job on all of the UK’s best job boards. For a minimal investment you can learn whether your expectations are too high and gain a good understanding of market conditions.

To summarise

Nowadays online recruitment is definitely the preferred method of attracting candidates. With Recruitment Genius you can maximise advantages and minimise risks to identify the best talent for your organisation.

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